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I was born in India and brought up in Africa. I came to America over 33yrs ago, so this is home.

I am a spicy blend of Indian,African and American cultures. I have done a lot of schooling – graduated in Math/Computer Science, an MBA in Marketing, 3/4 of a MS in Information systems.

I have been married to my best friend who is the love of my life for over 23 years and cannot imagine a day or moment without him. I believe in soul mates and truly believe that he was sent as an angel from above to love me forever. I have two amazing kids aged 20 and 16 that make my life a wonderful experience.

I have a passion for so many things – writing, cooking, baking, traveling, photography (I could go on and on)

I am what I am today because of my parents. My family is my rock and they keep me grounded to this crazy amazing world ours.

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