Almond/Coconut Barfi Cake (Indian Fusion)

If you love Indian desserts and cakes then this has to be your next Fun In The Kitchen baking session. Played around with a few recipes to come up with this fusion Almond Coconut Barfi (Indian dessert) Cake. Have made this a few times this year and it's been a favorite. Gluten Free Barfi Cake "Be so … Continue reading Almond/Coconut Barfi Cake (Indian Fusion)

Pani Puri – Oh So Delicious

This is an Indian classic street food also known as chaat and is available in many different parts of India. Pani in hindi is water and puri's are small hollow fried flatbread. When you are ready to eat, you poke a hole in the puri and fill with a mixture of boiled potatoes & chickpeas, … Continue reading Pani Puri – Oh So Delicious

Malva Pudding – Slice Me One More

Malva pudding is of South African Origin and is a very popular dessert there. It's name, “malva,” comes from the Afrikaans word for “marshmallow!”. It is very different than the American puddings, it has a very spongy caramelized texture and one of the key ingredients is Apricot Jam. It's drenched in a very creamy sauce … Continue reading Malva Pudding – Slice Me One More