Let’s Fall In Love – Persian Love Cake

So everyone and everything has a story. And you guessed it, so does the Persian Love Cake. I was so intrigued by the name from the first time I heard it and was curious about the story behind it. Well, the legend has it there was a Persian woman who was madly in love with … Continue reading Let’s Fall In Love – Persian Love Cake

Crumble Me Some Coffee Cake

The first Coffee Cakes are thought to have originated in Germany. British coffee cakes are usually flavored with coffee and a two-layer sponge cake. In America, however coffee cake is generally any single layer sweet cake eaten with coffee or tea without any coffee in it. But to me, I love my coffee cake to have … Continue reading Crumble Me Some Coffee Cake

Easy Vanilla Sponge Cake

This is my very favorite vanilla sponge cake recipe that I had gotten from a family friend years ago. It is a very easy recipe, and perfect for everyday baking. I use this as a base for so many different cakes. It is light, fluffy, and spongy. I will tag this cake in many other … Continue reading Easy Vanilla Sponge Cake