Blister Me Some Ginger Shishito Peppers

Have you ever tried shishito peppers at one of your local Japanese restaurants? Shishito peppers come from Asia and are bright green in color, wrinkly, and small. They are usually somewhat on the sweeter side with a slight smoky flavor but be careful as you may just catch a spicy one in the mix.   … Continue reading Blister Me Some Ginger Shishito Peppers

Crumble Me Some Coffee Cake

The first Coffee Cakes are thought to have originated in Germany. British coffee cakes are usually flavored with coffee and a two-layer sponge cake. In America, however coffee cake is generally any single layer sweet cake eaten with coffee or tea without any coffee in it. But to me, I love my coffee cake to have … Continue reading Crumble Me Some Coffee Cake

Easy Vanilla Sponge Cake

This is my very favorite vanilla sponge cake recipe that I had gotten from a family friend years ago. It is a very easy recipe, and perfect for everyday baking. I use this as a base for so many different cakes. It is light, fluffy, and spongy. I will tag this cake in many other … Continue reading Easy Vanilla Sponge Cake