Spice Me Some Tacos – Mexican

What's a taco without some spice in it? Mexico is the birthplace of tacos and are usually made using meat, or shrimp and then garnished with onions, guacamole, and multiple varieties of salsa. In Mexico, they are commonly made with corn tortillas and most restaurants do not even have flour tortillas. Flour tortillas and fried … Continue reading Spice Me Some Tacos – Mexican

Asam Laksa – Malaysian Soup

Asam Laksa soup is a spicy flavorful Malaysian red-curry soup. It's a tangy curry broth with rice noodles and a bunch of garnishes that add the right amount of crunch. The word laksa comes from an ancient Persian word for "noodles". Asam in Malay is for anything sour. It comes from the state of Penang in Malaysia … Continue reading Asam Laksa – Malaysian Soup

Roll Me Up – Fresh Spring Rolls (Vietnamese)

No passport required for this quick and easy trip to Vietnam for these fresh rolls. The first thing I order at a Vietnamese restaurant are these fresh light spring rolls. They are healthy, refreshing and a great start to any meal. Each rice paper has only like 30-40 calories. There is no science to the … Continue reading Roll Me Up – Fresh Spring Rolls (Vietnamese)