Almond/Coconut Barfi Cake (Indian Fusion)

If you love Indian desserts and cakes then this has to be your next Fun In The Kitchen baking session. Played around with a few recipes to come up with this fusion Almond Coconut Barfi (Indian dessert) Cake. Have made this a few times this year and it's been a favorite. Gluten Free Barfi Cake "Be so … Continue reading Almond/Coconut Barfi Cake (Indian Fusion)

Malva Pudding – Slice Me One More

Malva pudding is of South African Origin and is a very popular dessert there. It's name, “malva,” comes from the Afrikaans word for “marshmallow!”. It is very different than the American puddings, it has a very spongy caramelized texture and one of the key ingredients is Apricot Jam. It's drenched in a very creamy sauce … Continue reading Malva Pudding – Slice Me One More

Make Me Angry Edamame – Quick & Easy

Edamame is a Japanese name for immature or young soybeans and is originally from East Asia. In the US, you usually get frozen pods and can be boiled or steamed. They are a great source of protein and are rich in fiber, amino acids, vitamin K vitamin C, and magnesium. But also note that they are … Continue reading Make Me Angry Edamame – Quick & Easy