Make Me Angry Edamame – Quick & Easy

Edamame is a Japanese name for immature or young soybeans and is originally from East Asia. In the US, you usually get frozen pods and can be boiled or steamed. They are a great source of protein and are rich in fiber, amino acids, vitamin K vitamin C, and magnesium. But also note that they are … Continue reading Make Me Angry Edamame – Quick & Easy

Simple Protein Bites/Ladoos

I was looking to make something healthy and loaded with plant-based proteins with low sugar content as a snack for my hubby who is going thru chemotherapy for stage 3 colon cancer. So I came up with this recipe which is a blend of Ladoo (Indian dessert) and protein bites. I used chickpea flour, coconut … Continue reading Simple Protein Bites/Ladoos

Our 25th Anniversary Message To You

Voice up, Scope Up, Save A Life Wedding Day - 1995 PC: Krista John Photography This is a joint post between myself and my hubby Vivek as we celebrate our 25th year of friendship, love, and wedded bliss. It's not a typical anniversary lovey-dovey Ruchi post but it does touch on a personal and emotional … Continue reading Our 25th Anniversary Message To You