Do Your Travel Plans Include Reading?

5 Summer 2019 Book Recommendations

For The Love Of Writing..

When You're Done Expecting So, several months ago, I came in contact with a Best Selling author Parul Aggarwal. She has published several books and her new venture was going to be a book of stories from 100 moms and their experiences of motherhood. I have always wanted to write and I thought what better … Continue reading For The Love Of Writing..

Twitter Traumas: What If You Tweet and No One Listens?

Hey Friends…Here is an old post that was published on Lassi with Lavina in 2011.- Twitter Traumas: What If You Tweet and No One Listens?I just remembered this post last night when I was listening to the Stephen Colbert interview with Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative.  He asked Bill Clinton if he tweeted and … Continue reading Twitter Traumas: What If You Tweet and No One Listens?

Mother’s Day Poem Contest…

********Winner Rhea C. was announced Today May 9th- Congrats!!! Keep the good work (Poem - Moonlight Rose is  at the end of the blog)*************** Mothers..they love us unconditionally, they teach us to believe in ourselves.  They remind us that they are a safe base  and no matter what, we can always come back to that.  … Continue reading Mother’s Day Poem Contest…

To Belong…Finally!!!

Today as in June 17th, 2016 is my 30 Yr US Anniversary and 7 yr anniversary of becoming an American Citizen.  I am sharing with you a little piece I wrote back then on the emotions that I was feeling!!! (Sorry it's a little long..) So we received our citizenship interview letter this weekend and it … Continue reading To Belong…Finally!!!

Hoop It Up With RGK D’Zines…

No..I am not talking about the NBA Playoffs 🙂 I am talking about the latest fashion trend of Hoop Earrings this Spring of 2011.  With the World economy in recession, the fashion industry is reforming itself and providing some amazing antique/vintage quality jewelry at affordable prices without compromising the quality and the pizzazz.. Many hollywood celebrities … Continue reading Hoop It Up With RGK D’Zines…

What Is Life?

What is Life? Life is an amazing gift that we all have been given..its up to US to decide how we choose to live it.. Where did we begin? Where do we think we are going? Do we want to know or do we even care? The path that we take Is it chosen for … Continue reading What Is Life?

To Believe..What did u Want to Be When you Were 5?

There were so many things you wanted to be when you were young...and in your little mind you always believed that you would and could be.  My little guy who is 8 now had to sit down when he was 5 and write a speech for his Montessori kindergarten graduation.  The topic was "When I … Continue reading To Believe..What did u Want to Be When you Were 5?

What Moves You?

I have been MIA on my blog for a few months now...Boat loads of thoughts & ideas, but always a challenge on how to express them! But today I started the day off with receiving an email from a friend that really moved and engulfed me with so many thoughts and emotions.  This amazing friend of mine … Continue reading What Moves You?