Mango Sticky Rice – Thai

I love to make this easy dessert Thai summer dessert when mangoes(make sure to read the fun fact about this later in the post) are in season. The taste of mangoes/coconut and rice is truly delectable and you will not be disappointed! I used Sushi Rice for mine and it came out just perfect. But … Continue reading Mango Sticky Rice – Thai

Chocolate Chiffon Pitaya Cake

This is one of the simplest and easiest chocolate chiffon cake recipe. I have used this recipe as a base to create so many variations like Trifle, Vanilla sponge cake, Tres leches, and Rasmalai cake to name a few (click on the names to see those recipes). By now, I have the cake recipe memorized … Continue reading Chocolate Chiffon Pitaya Cake

Love Me Some Trifle

Trifle is an English dessert that dates back to the 1590's. It’s a multi-layered dessert with vanilla cake soaked in sweet sherry/brandy( optional), fruit, custard, jelly, and cream. Usually, it is served in glass dishes so you can see the layers of cake, custard, and jelly. I have loved trifle for as long as I … Continue reading Love Me Some Trifle