Makki Roti (Corn Indian Bread)

These Indian corn roti’s or tortillas are famous in Punjabi households and go very well with Sarson ka saag ( spinach), baingan bharta ( eggplant) Curries. They are traditionally made with corn flour (not the white powdery kind) but more like corn meal. Growing up in Zambia (Africa) corn is called Maize and flour is … Continue reading Makki Roti (Corn Indian Bread)

Spice Me Up – Szechuan Tofu

Such a flavorful and delectable easy vegetarian tofu recipe loaded with lots and lots of vegetables with just the perfect amount of crunch. This is something we make at home at least once a week, and every time it tastes just a little different depending on the veggies I use or how much I cook … Continue reading Spice Me Up – Szechuan Tofu

Vietnamese Vegetarian Meatballs

These Vietnamese "meatballs" have the perfect combination of spice, freshness, and most importantly simple to make. Ready for a quick refreshing Vietnamese appetizer. I used beef-less beef to make them vegetarian but you can use Cauliflower crumble or even ground chicken/ turkey or beef. I love adding a little gluten-free Panko as it adds the … Continue reading Vietnamese Vegetarian Meatballs