4 Ways To Love Yourself And Family Through The Pandemic (Featured On Brown Girl Magazine)

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With several months into the unknown of this pandemic, a lot of relationships are being tested. The newness of spending all this time together is quickly fading and turning more into “please can I just have a few minutes alone?”

Click to read my writeup in Brown Girl Magazine – 4 Ways to Love Yourself and Family Through The Pandemic .

I chose this picture for the post, as it truly shows a candid moment my hubby and I were sharing and I felt it fit the topic well.

Fun Fact: This picture of my hubby & I is 16 years old and was taken in Whistler Canada after we had just hiked a glacier. We were on vacation and had left the kids with a babysitter to do this one fun adventure activity minus the kiddos and what an experience it was. BTW If you ever get a chance to glacier hike, I would highly recommend it.

After reaching the top, my hubby and I were just mesmerized by the view and my friend happened to click the picture. It was truly a candid picture as it was before the birth of Instagram or even social media for that fact. She was using a real camera, remember the kind that you actually had to take the roll for developing to your local drug store (now its mostly the pro photographers that use the DSLR cameras). We had no idea that she had even taken the picture. A month later she handed us a printed photo and we were in love with it. We had gotten it enlarged and framed and it still hangs in our house currently.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the article and also a few of your tips on what you are doing to keep the love alive through the pandemic.

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“Being understood and understanding are two sides of the same coin, just like friendship and love.” – RGK

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