Are you Trendy?

Designer Diary Of Joli/RGK D'Zines Jewelry/Hermosa Vida Photography

So coming off of Phoenix Fashion Week where I was immersed in Fashion for 4 days and working with an awesome team of models, designers, stylists and photographers – it got me thinking a lot about Fashion & Trends.  It was truly an experience working with so many amazing and talented people. Every stylist and designer had a niche that they believed in and wanted the message to shine through with the show that they were going to present. It was the job of every model to make sure they showcased the energy that was required by the designer.   The stunning designs ranged from “Oh I can wear that” to “Wow..can I wear that?” to “Where would I wear that?”.  So another day or another magazine or fashion show later…you wonder how you can keep up with all the fashion trends around you.

We all want to be cool and hip and keeping up with those people next door (Jones’s is it?) is not an easy task.  But then you stop and ask yourself…do I want to even keep with the Jones’s?…or maybe …just maybe they are too busy trying to keep up with us.Hmm..Now that’s a thought!  (BTW how did the Jones ever become the people to compete with..:) ..Anyone know? )

Designer Blue Bird Denim/RGK D'Zines Jewelry/Hermosa Vida Photography

Are men as driven by fashion as women are? Do they put as much thought in to what they wear as the women do? Do they even care? I had a discussion with a  group of friends(all girls) one day about why so many girls put so much thought into fashion(bags/dresses/shoes/make-up/hair).

Designer Sebastien Millon/Earrings by RGK D'Zines/Michael Jordan Photography

There were two thoughts..well actually three. The first thought was that women dress well to show off to other women, the other was that women dress up to look good for people in general, and the last thought was that they do it for themselves as it makes them feel good.  I personally go with the last thought.  What do you think?

Read the Tea Leaves…

I believe that if you go with the TRUE you…you can be who you are.  That applies not only to fashion but to every aspect of your life.  Blend styles and go with what you think works well for you and who you are. Forget matching and try mixing up your own style..use unexpected color combos and new ideas to make a style of your own and add a dose of new.  Who knows  – you may just have started a new trend.:) You may just be the new fashionista in town. I had once heard an interview by the famous Indian designer – Sabyasachi and he had said…”Anyone can rock a chanel or a Louis Vuitton but it takes class and style to be able to rock a no-name brand”

Be true, Be pure but most importantly be Yourself….It’s YOU who puts the soul in your tread..oops I mean Trend 🙂  So do you consider yourself Trendy?

Thx for reading and would love to hear your thoughts/comments.

p.s: (I just have to add that I have a whole new respect for the models/stylists/photographers in the fashion industry with the amount of hours they put in and all with a smile on their face)..They truly rock!

17 thoughts on “Are you Trendy?

  1. Hey Ruchi!
    Loved reading your thoughts. I’m also in the 3rd catagory and l love wearing what makes me feel comfortable and what makes me feel good. Everybody will have their own perspective i guess.

  2. Lovely read Ruchi.. totally agree with your style being for yourself.. Mine did change when I started giving a damn about myself..

  3. I enjoyed reading it Ruchi. I see that you have got a great sense of style. Impressive. 🙂 Keep sharing your beautiful works.

    – N J

  4. Hey NJ..Thx for reading it and for the lovely comments. Also thx for always inspiring me to write. It’s hard for me to get going or coming up with topics but once I start writing…it just flows and I realize how much I love it. Can’t wait to read your book…

  5. Ruchi,

    Beautiful Blog – as usual.

    Agreed that one can have style, elegance, and gracefullness without sporting latest brands – yet it is important for one’s own pleasure to look smart and happy – a feedback loop – if you look good (to yourself), you will feel good.

    1. Hey bhai…thx for reading and supporting my writing.
      I guess that’s why they always say that even if you work from home- get dressed and start working because if you look good- you will feel good and confident.
      True example is papa…when Vivek first went home and would see papa dress up every day – he would ask are you going somewhere dad and he would say..yeah to the other room to work!! 🙂 Huggs to u bhai..

  6. Hey Ruchi – loved your blog. Totally agree with you…i like to dress up becuase then i feel good and alert…
    and I usually stay away from big brands..
    Loved reading it..

    1. Hey Seema…Thank you so much for always reading the blog and commenting. We always have to dress what’s right for us and so dressing up for self is the only way to be.

  7. Great article Ruchi! very true! I dress up to what makes me feel good and confident….yes confident is key for me because wearing trendy is something but to carry it off with style and confidence is something else! just my thought of course. Not too obsessed with keeping up with all the fashion trends; after all what is trendy may not look trendy on me at all!

  8. Hey Lopa..
    Thx so much for reading the article.. I agree with you …I also dress up in what I feel looks good on me – trendy or not trendy!! We set our own trends. Now where are those bellbottoms of mine again..LOL! 🙂

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