Simple & Easy Tips To Support A Small Business

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We share pictures of families, fur babies, and our achievements and it feels great to get those Likes, hearts, and comments. But how often do we make a conscious effort to take it a step further and support small business owners within our community or a friend who is doing their best to keep their dreams alive?

Have you ever texted a friend and asked their opinion on a business? Or have you ever read an online review before eating at a restaurant? Well, then you are no stranger to the connection of thoughts to future buying behavior. According to a study by Nielsen researchers, 92% of people surveyed trust product/business endorsements from family and friends. Even stranger testimonials go a long way according to a 2018 survey that said 82% of consumers read online reviews before making a decision. People are more likely to look at a product or business page that has numerous views over one that has few. They deem a business that has fewer reviews as unpopular and unworthy. With the growth of social media, “social learning” has become a norm where people learn by watching others.

It’s one thing to tell the business owner that you love their service, their concept, their services, their prices but take it a step further and spread that love – they need all support they can get currently. Maybe even send them a note asking “How can I help?”. I am highlighting a few simple ways that don’t require any money just a heart filled with empathy to want others to succeed.

  • Like their page and be active
  • Follow them on so you do not miss any posts (there is a difference between Liking someone’s page and following them)
  • Comment on their posts (5 words or more) – this makes it rank higher in the FB/IG algorithm
  • Love their posts
  • Share their posts
  • Subscribe to their newsletter/Youtube channel/blog
  • Review them on FB/google/Yelp/Tripadvisor
  • Refer them to your friends
  • Be a part of their group

So I challenge each one of you to do a shoutout to a small business owner weekly. Pick a day that suits your schedule and set a recurring task every week. Make it a different business each week and appreciate their hustle.

Your support will mean the world to them and could make a difference in keeping their lights on, hopes alive, and also maybe break out into a small dance. So will you join me in this weekly shoutout challenge and get a business owner dancing this week?

“There is enough business to go around, so start supporting instead of competing”


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