The Human Mind….

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A poem I wrote about a year ago that I thought I would share…

The Human Mind

How does it decide when to love and when to hate

How does it decide the time to be good and the time to be bad

How does it decide to be nice versus being mean

What makes us happy and yet sad at the same time

What does it remember and what does it try to forget

What makes it tick and what makes it think

Are we devious by nature or is it our minds

Are we responsible for our thoughts or is it our mind that we blame

Are we what we think, or are we,what we are made to think

Do we control the mind or does the mind control us?

If we could control our minds would we want to be able to?

Would we want to choose right against wrong

Would we be strong enough to make the choice

The choice could be harder than we imagine

Mind : The all-powerful tool

A tool that so many of us waste..

If we could control and choose to control ,

Maybe just maybe we and this world would be a better place!

Here’s hoping to leave this world a better place than we came into….
Would like to end this with a quote from Buddha which gives us a lot to think about… ~~” All wrong-doing arises because of the mind. If the mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?”~~

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12 years ago

Excellent !
another quote from Mahatma Gandhi : An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind !

Enjoyed reading your blog

Samarth Mohan
Samarth Mohan
12 years ago

Very Beautifully written Ruchi. It’s a nice feeling to know that people like you exist, who have the time and energy to think about these minute details of life and our existence.

to peep into the magic of a mind
is like a “desire to see” for a blind
who can tell me & where do I find?
Need to know, leaves me in a Bind
Mind is a machine !!-One of a kind
No single duplicate in ALL Mankind

I personally feel, that the mind can be compared to a computer processor. Its job is to just function and process information based on input of data. Every mind functions in the same manner…It coould just be a faster or slower processor. The Data also is “almost the same” …we see and hear things the same way, but how we feel things makes the difference. These differences arise from the data passing through our Heart. The heart decides what kind of data it wants to send to the processor and how it wants it processed. Hence The magic chip for our magical mind, lives in our hearts. if only we all could use our hearts more and add some emotion to the data for our Mind….we would have harmony everywhere (within us and with our surroundings). Our mind loves good data !! …it constantly asks us to look for peace and happiness. Please help our processor from overclocking !! Lets not over load it with …. (we all know what !!)



Rimly Bezbaruah
12 years ago

Ruchi my first time to your blog and what an inspiring post from you. Mind is our biggest enemy. If only we can stop it from taking control of us , we would be such better human beings

Frane Bhattacharya
Frane Bhattacharya
12 years ago

Hi, it is the eternal question …. but as the gurus say , the mind should be slave to the heart , let the heart rule, let our actions stem from the urgings of the heart because when the mind intervenes it applies logic and good sense and it thinks things out and the magic of the moment is lost … i guess there are never any answers to such queries , but its good to delve deep , helps us connect to our deeper selves ….

12 years ago

i just loved this one! Is the buddha statue from your garden? i am crazy about them. buddhism fasinates and intrigues me. Send me your email as i would like to send something interesting.