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I am so excited to be a part of this Marketing book that released on Amazon and is already trending as #1 Bestseller on so many lists. The book is called The Growth Hacking Book: Most Guarded Growth Marketing Secrets and co-authored from over 35+ marketing experts in their own niche from around the globe who have collaborated to make this a reality. The official launch is on July 13th in New Delhi India, at the India Habitat Center and is being attended by several Indian dignitaries. It was the vision of none other than an amazing Amazon Best Seller Author Parul Agrawal and Rohan Chaubey who are the founders of Growth Media AI.

According to a contributing author, Issac Thomas ,”The book is a bridge that will take you through an ocean of insightful marketing lessons spreading across different niches. We have not only addressed content and social media but different mindsets, toolsets, tactics, and offline mediums as well.”

If you have ever read any of my writing pieces before, you know I write from the heart. And if you know me personally, thats exactly how I talk (vis-à-vis with the one and only- face to face, facial expressions, hand gestures and all) . I knew writing a chapter on Marketing would be something new and a challenge for sure. But I was up for it, as all I had to do was write it from the heart. And that I did, my chapter is called Bend The Reality Of Networking which talks about focusing on building relationships and friendships, and business growth will follow. I talk about a few of the Do’s and Don’ts on networking, and changing the way you build your networks.

It also released on Kindle (remember you do not need a kindle) and its free on Kindle Unlimited. Also did you know that you can sign for a FREE MONTH on Kindle Unlimited and have access to millions of books and audiobooks.

I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember (just recently found pieces of writing on love and marriage from when I was 22 yr old- now that’s a whole another post) 🙂 . I am beyond thrilled and know that moments like these give me the inspiration to continue embarking on new journeys and write my ongoing story of life. Having been blessed by such projects has definitely been the wind beneath my wings. Thank you as always for your love, support, encouragement and most of all would love your feedback.

Authentic networking is a very simple concept and can be summarized in two words – Build Relationships!
Me..The Author…Reality Is Still Sinking In!

Thank you to Parul, Rohan and all the other behind the scene marketing gurus that worked tirelessly to make this dream a reality. Who knew I would ever write a chapter in a Marketing book filled with 35+ marketers, influencers, innovators, industry practitioners, growth hackers, entrepreneurs and startups from across the globe?

So privileged and honored to be amongst these co-authors (including my rockstar sister-in-law, Priya Kalra who talks about “How A Brick And Mortar Can Stay afloat In The Digital Era).

Here is the breakdown of the Chapters by content and the authors.

SKILLSET: Manish Nepal , Dillion Kivo, Issac Thomas, Dennis Lanlais, Saurabh Tiwari, Deepak V. Maddila, Rahul Singh

SOCIAL MEDIA SKILLS:Yaagneshwaran Ganesh, Ishaan Shakunt, Vivek Agrawal

TACTICAL SKILLS: Parul Agrawal, Suneet Bhatt, Arun Kumar Sharma

BROWING BUSINESS IN AN UNORTHODOX NICHE: Nitish Mathur, Christian Fictoor, Priya Kalra, Srish Kumar Agrawal, S. Shiva SriCharan , Lisa Robbins

MINDSET: Kelisha Mills, Shailendra Mishra, Badr Berrada, Naom Kostucki, Evita Ramparte

TOOLSET : Will Cannon, Deep Kakkad, Rachit Khator, Naser Alubaidi, Tim Wasmundt, Rohan Chaubey ,Amit Kumar, Mihir Gadhvi

The Growth Hacking Book: Most Guarded Growth Marketing Secrets  .

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