A Whole New World….Thank You

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks trying to get ready for the world-wide web launch of RGK D’Zines…so a lot of research later and with lots of help from Hari @ HP Designz (web developer) and Dustin @ Alphagraphics…we stand knocking at the door of the world-wide web today!

So, please do check out the brand new website: http://www.RGKdzines.com and hope you love it!

It’s been a wonderful, crazy busy two weeks from taking photography lessons to learning software programs, but what an awesome learning experience.

Thank you for getting RGK D’Zines to this spot as without you guys this would not have been possible!

Thank u and look forward to your continued support…

11 thoughts on “A Whole New World….Thank You

  1. I love your website!!! Oh my god! I can’t express on how much I like it. I love the slideshow in the homepage.

  2. I like the jewelry and especially your website. It fits in what your doing. I am sure you must have paid a lot for the website. Anyways, you worked very hard. GOOD JOB! One suggestion, please update your blog often! I would also like to see more varieties of your jewelry. Thanks…

  3. Thank you so so much Amisha..It feels great to get awesome feedback.

    Thank u so much Kinjal…My web guy was Hari @ http://hpdesignz.com/, he did an awesome job! Please do subscribe to the RSS feed and that way you will get automatic updates plus it will keep me on my toes and make sure I do update it..:)

    Please do check out the shop on the home page as i will keep updating jewelry there. There are a lot more pieces to come next week…
    Thx ladies..

  4. What a beautiful website!! WOW! From the jewelry to the music to the model!! Fantastic and wish you lots of luck.

  5. Hi Ruchi,
    Congratulations! Nice interactive website, liked the logo very much!
    Good range of products. Keep it up!
    Good luck & good wishes.

  6. Hard work always get results and it shows. Good luck to you Ruchi! Love your website too specially the feather logo. Can’t wait to shop…… Have you uploaded more items?

    1. Thx bhabhi for the lovely wishes…I have updated quite a few products in the last few days! Still more to come…Email me and & let me know which ones you like..

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