RGK D’Zines at the Pre-Emmy Event in LA

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Lindsey in RGK Earrings

62nd Prime Time Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles and I had the honor to showcase RGK D’Zines Jewelry collection at a pre-emmy event there.  I was excited yet nervous at the same time about all the celebrities that I would be meeting, and what I would say to them.  At the event there was excitement all around me with others that were also showcasing their stuff like Eva Varro, Nina Skarra, Chewylou, Chiaya designs, Jizo and Chibe, Milena’s Candles, Marcie to name a few. There were gonna be all kinds of Hollywood people there: TV stars, reality stars, writers, producers, directors, movie stars. But the butterflies in my belly all disappeared as I met some of the most interesting down to earth people like Dot Jones (Glee), Martha, Katrina Law(Spartacus), Natasha Alam(true blood), Sarah Drew(Grey’s anatomy), Brenda Vaccaro, Lindsey Haun(True Blood), Ruel, Rick Peters(dexter), Angela Basset, Archie Punjabie(Good wife) and hubby Raj, Tiffany Hines(Nikita), Cedric Sanders ( Social Network- movie about facebook), Kate Flannery(Office), Rizwan Manji (Outsourced), Oscar Nunoz (office), Ashley Jones(true blood),Chelsea Staub Kane (Jonas LA, Dancing With The Stars),Beau Bridges , Mary Kay Place (Big Love), Dennis Quiad, Kimberly Quaid, Jennifer Aspen( Glee), Eric Roberts and..so so many more.

I was not only amazed at how encouraging most of these people were but also just how caring and friendly they were. On day 1, one of them even gave me a hug and said..”You are doing great..don’t worry”.  I talked to them about everything from India, to growing up in Zambia, to how to balance social media in our kids lives, indian food.  Sometimes we get so dazzled by celebrities that we forget that they are human after all. They like us are also looking to be loved, liked and appreciated.  I enjoyed meeting every single one of them and made close connections with quite a few and really hope that we stay connected.  I also realized that I am not that big of a TV watcher and there are shows out there that I have never even heard off and they are in their third season. I got so brave by the third day that I told one of the writers that I had never watched his show.  He was very nice, and I did promise him that I would watch it next season, and he joked and said “okay at least there’s one person I can count on watching “.   I guess I have my homework cut out for me this season as I came back with a long list of shows & movies that I want to watch.

I guess I haven’t really talked about what they thought about RGK D’Zines…But when I sat down to write about my time at the Emmy event, the first thing that came to mind is the connections that I had made and how beautiful these people were inside and out. Somehow, the jewelry was an after thought after meeting some of the people, as it really didn’t matter. I have always believed if we follow our passions everything else will follow also.  I got great responses on the collection and the uniqueness it has to offer.  Also, got a lot of great feedback on the peacock feather and my reasoning on why I chose that as the symbol for my line.  Try shining a light on a peacock feather and you will notice the iridescence quality it possesses….that’s exactly what jewelry does for women.  Two women can wear the same piece of jewelry and it would look completely different.

It was exciting to sit down and watch the Emmy’s sunday evening after the event and to be able to actually recognize people on TV.  Loved all the people and the encouragement I received at the event.

Here’s hoping for continued connections with all of you… thanx to RGK D’Zines

To Check out the collection: http://www.RGKdzines.com or http://www.facebook.com/RGKdzines

Sarah Drew rocking some RGK's
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13 years ago

Lovely Read Ruchi.. Congrats!

sapphires and saffron
12 years ago

Wow your Jewelry is amazing!! I can see how your are so successful! 🙂

12 years ago

Thx..Do check out our FB page at http://www.facebook.com/RGKdzines and become a fan! I will check your blog out too.:) Do you have an FB page?