Love Takes 2..

So the buzz lately has been all about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries "marriage" and the walkout after 72 days.  Somehow I don't think we can even label that as a was a wedding planning photo shoot. Do you agree or not?  She spent more time planning the wedding than she did staying in … Continue reading Love Takes 2..

Hoop It Up With RGK D’Zines…

No..I am not talking about the NBA Playoffs 🙂 I am talking about the latest fashion trend of Hoop Earrings this Spring of 2011.  With the World economy in recession, the fashion industry is reforming itself and providing some amazing antique/vintage quality jewelry at affordable prices without compromising the quality and the pizzazz.. Many hollywood celebrities … Continue reading Hoop It Up With RGK D’Zines…

Cool to Bollywood….

For some of you out there that don't know what Bollywood is...It's the informal term used for the Indian Film industry.  In fact, Bollywood produces approximately a 1000 films per year compared to Hollywood which produces approximately 500 films.   It also sells the largest number of movie tickets all over the world and is projected to … Continue reading Cool to Bollywood….

RGK D’Zines at the Pre-Emmy Event in LA

62nd Prime Time Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles and I had the honor to showcase RGK D'Zines Jewelry collection at a pre-emmy event there.  I was excited yet nervous at the same time about all the celebrities that I would be meeting, and what I would say to them.  At the event there … Continue reading RGK D’Zines at the Pre-Emmy Event in LA