Love Takes 2..

So the buzz lately has been all about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries “marriage” and the walkout after 72 days.  Somehow I don’t think we can even label that as a was a wedding planning photo shoot. Do you agree or not?  She spent more time planning the wedding than she did staying in it.  Kim’s earning of $18 million breaks down to $10,000 an hour for the 72 days..not a bad earning don’t you think? I for one never watched the wedding on Bravo but I did checkout the pics in the People Magazine.  Had always wondered who the Kardashian’s were but never really cared.  But after hearing about all the wedding hoopla, I finally googled them to figure out what their claim to fame was and most importantly “Why are they so famous?and why do we even care?”. So it was all thanks to!!

Photo By Ruchi G. Kalra

The one and only reason two people should join together for marriage is Love.  Most girls grow up believing in romance/fairy tale weddings/prince charming – thanx to all the chic flicks/bollywood movies and romantic songs that surround us.  I am sure guys wonder if that stuff really works on us…It does!! It really does!  I always give my hubby a hard time as I never got a proposal..nope never did!!! Even till today I joke with him as I watch a movie and a proposal is about to happen…I ask him “What’s the guy doing on his knees and why does he have that ring in his hands, and what does a proposal mean anyway, oh my he’s gonna hurt his knees.”  He just rolls his eyes and laughs and knows that he is never gonna live that one down.  He knows I am joking but oh!! It’s so fun to tease him.  I am sure the guys have always had a lot of pressure and now with the growth of the social media world it’s become harder not easier to live up to the Jones..(oh that darn family strikes again..LOL).

Jaan & I….16 Yrs ago

I didn’t have a big ole’ grand wedding, or a big diamond, or the designer lehnega(indian bridal outfit), or the most unbelievable wedding location or photographer but it was special as it had my family and I was gonna marry the love of my life (thanx to my amazing brother and sister-in-law).  What more could a girl want?

Nowadays the wedding planners/photographers work amazing wonders.  They work tirelessly to meet all the requests of the bride & groom and make sure everything runs smoothly and beautifully to make it a wedding to remember.  But their job stops there and your work begins.

Looking at the amazing work of my wedding planner friend -Ashley Gain (Ashley Gain Weddings & Events)and my photographer friends- Sameer & Sonia Soorma(Sameer Soorma Photography) makes me want to get remarried (of course to the same guy).

But we also need to remember that a marriage is not just about the wedding day… it’s about the journey of life that the two people are promising to take together. You can have the best venue/the most fab wedding dress/the most stunning jewelry/the best DJ in town and the best wedding planner & photographers…. but if you don’t have love to sustain that marriage you have nothing.

Photo By Ruchi G. Kalra

A couple of quotes from friends on marriages: “Respect each other and love each other for who they are” &  ” Marriage takes effort, work and commitment”.  So go ahead make that dinner reservation for a date night as Love Takes 2.

I will end with the advice I give all my friends getting married…”Be the best of friends with each other and everything will fall into place”.   What can I say..I am a hopeless romantic..still!!

So lets not focus on the failed marriages but instead on the successful ones…..Would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a successful marriage…Thanx!

14 thoughts on “Love Takes 2..

  1. As always enjoyed reading your thoughts Ruchi.

    My idea of Marriage through my Telescope :

    “Gravity” is the governing force/energy of the entire. Once Gravity gets hold of any matter – it creates a whirlpool of amazing worlds around itself. As long all these worlds stay in orbit around gravity, without trying to deviate or crash into someone else’s world …Beautiful harmony exists all over the universe.

    I believe that everything around us including relationships is just a representation of our Universe. Even for a Married relationship to successfully start there is a need for this Gravitational pull or Love. Without this force, no relationship will ever succeed. Once Love exists everything else starts to take shape on its own. We are just left to enjoy the bliss of our little galaxy called family.

    Now that marriage exists, to make it successful, we just need to make sure that we stick to our orbits and let others stick to theirs. As a couple If we can respect each others path and respect our partners for who they are, we can revolve around love and each other in very close orbits …. Till Death Do Us Part!!

    1. Wow!! Samarth loved your comment..and so amazingly put. Respect is key in any relationship. You and Gayatri are definitely an amazing couple and have learnt how to stay in close orbits without clashing! Wishing the two of you all the love in the world.

  2. Wow Ruch– really making us think hard!!!! So, what do I think? Well, of course the usual-Love,Trust,Commitment,Respect…..and the list goes on….is always important. However, here are a few words of wisdom from someone who has been married for 25 years!! (It does not feel like it though!!!)

    Allow your partner to have different thoughts and values from you-by accepting and understanding the difference between man and woman.

    Supporting each other through times of stress and learning to compromise when things dont happen to go the way you pictured.

    Share interests, (no, I still have not gotten into football!) fun, friends and ofcourse wine!

    Care for family, friends, each-other and the marriage.

    And just because I should stop now– I will say last but not least-
    Be affectionate!

  3. Such a delight to read your posts Ruchi.. I’m a total sucker for romance and love also.. But I’ve realised that love has to be practical also.. it ain’t a bed of roses all the time and it’s the mutual respect, understanding and admiration (various flavours of love) for each other that gets us through the bumps.. I remember just recently when the news broke of Kim’s 72 day TV stunt (that’s what I would call it), the showed a couple who had been married for 72 years.. they died holding each others hands.. Doesn’t that make you go awww..

    1. Thank you so much Hina for your lovely comment and yes that’s what makes me go awww! I am truly a sucker for romance tooo…and my friends make fun of me for that!! So I am glad to have found another sucker 🙂

  4. I loved reading this article. Your comparison between arranged and love marriage with the recent news of Kim has hit right chords all the way. I think to fall in love, and be with that person is the most blessed thing in this world. I second you on it Ruchi. Great post there!

  5. Loved your thoughts on love and marriage. Marriage is like a little plant. Needs constant love, care, patience and a lot of hard work to grow it into strong tree that can withstand the fiercest of all storms.

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