Hoop It Up With RGK D’Zines…

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No..I am not talking about the NBA Playoffs 🙂 I am talking about the latest fashion trend of Hoop Earrings this Spring of 2011.  With the World economy in recession, the fashion industry is reforming itself and providing some amazing antique/vintage quality jewelry at affordable prices without compromising the quality and the pizzazz..

Many hollywood celebrities have been seen sporting hoops this season from Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Sofia Vergara and not to forget Jennifer Lopez.  So check out some of our latest collections at http://www.RGKdzines.com that have been worn by Hollywood celebrities like Ali Fedotowsky, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Valentina Quinn, Natasha Alam, Sarah Drew, Chelsea Kane, Ashley Jones, and Archie Punjabi to name a few. The pieces are unique blend of  Indian traditional with a modern fusion.

So have fun & make a statement this season with your RGK D’Zines Hoops that are  “One Of A Kind….For One Of You”….

For more information contact us: ruchi@RGKdzines.com and LIKE us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RGKdzines

24K Gold vermeil hoops with Turquoise stones and minakari work (www.store.RGKdzines.com)
24K Gold Vermeil Earrings with an antique look W/Tourmaline/fresh water pearls/green onyx (Can be worn three ways) (www.store.RGKdzines.com)
24K Gold Vermeil Hoops with Jhumkis/Fresh water pearls w/burgundy stone (www.store.RGKdzines.com)

24K gold Vermeil earrings with Fresh water Pearls (www.Store.RGKdzines.com)
24K gold vermeil earrings with light green Jade stone with onyx flowers & fresh water pearl (www.store.RGKdzines.com)
Two tone earrings with flatted/matted silver & Gold finish (www.store.RGKdzines.com)
24K gold Vermeil Hoops with Onyx drops (www.store.RGKdzines.com)
24K Gold Vermeil Kundan(Indian enamel work) Earrings with Minakari (Intricate colorful designs)work.