What Is Life?

What is Life?

Life is an amazing gift that we all have been given..its up to US to decide how we choose to live it..

Where did we begin?
Where do we think we are going?
Do we want to know or do we even care?

The path that we take
Is it chosen for us?
Or do we somehow get there and not know it

How do we decide?
Where to go, how to go?

Are some people born knowing?
And are some just searching

Which one would we rather be?
The all-knowing or the searcher

Life’s a tough game!!!
We can choose to be a shadow…Or be a leader

We can choose to be the driver …….Or just sit along for the ride

The choice is OURS….It’s up to US to Decide!!!

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17 thoughts on “What Is Life?

  1. So true and beautifully conveys the meaning. You write so much like my husband! Another good one Ruchi :)!

  2. Whether the path is chosen or we get there without even knowing, don’t linger too long to get there. Even though people say its the journey that matters not the final destination, we need to ensure that the destination is something we don’t lose sight of. Our new generation has way too many choices and they can lose their path and focus very quickly. Be a driver but don’t drive aimlessly……in case you are driving aimlessly, take a back seat and let someone else drive so they can take you to A destination.

    1. OMG!! I am in disbelief my friend!! wow!! yeah a comment from you!! Loved..loved your thoughts smita- definitely something to ponder on! Keep the comments coming 🙂 Huggs!

  3. like it !!

    Some will understand Life
    Some will not …
    A few might suceed
    A few will fail and cry.
    what’s the fun in life
    if we did not even try !!

    Samarth Mohan !!

  4. Well said ruchi… I think life is a miracle. Open your heart to see the beauty in everyone… regardless of where they’ve been. Share some of your gifts and talents… show that you care – be a friend. Be gracious and forgiving… life is a miracle – it’s too short and it’s never fair sometimes…

    1. Thx Kamala!! Life truly is a miracle! I always used to think life is short until a friend corrected me a few weeks ago!! In reality life is long enough if we use it wisely and do all that we should do- we end up wasting it on trivial and meaningless emotions/moments/grudges/egos. We need to learn to focus on who & what are important in life and also on the things that you mentioned like caring/being a friend/gracious/forgiving!!
      I do agree life is not fair sometimes but sometimes we have to play poker with the cards that are dealt to us…We just have to decide on the face to use for that hand! Sometimes believing in the bad hand you are holding can make you win..Gotta have Faith 🙂
      Thx so much for reading Kamala and sharing your thoughts..Loved it!

  5. I think life is like a hidden treasure with a meaningful purpose…
    We all need to look at life with a different perspective and everyone should find their own meaning to sol“v`eLife is A Hidden Treasure with A Meaningful Purpose

    Life is a gift of nature with a purposeful meaning. Life is an eventful journey with a number of pleasant surprises at every point. Look at life with different perspectives and find your own meaning to solve your purpose,

  6. Very nice Ruchi, I enjoyed this immensely!
    Life is a gift and we need to live it with passion, with goals that inspire.

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