Dreams Are A Work In Progress..

Have always loved to write and slowly but surely this passion and dream is starting to see some light. So humbled, excited and honored to have my stories posted on (Click the links below): Thrive Global: https://thriveglobal.com/authors/ruchi-kalra/ Medium: https://medium.com/@ruchi.kalra I have always written from the heart and I know that style doesn't always resonate with everyone. … Continue reading Dreams Are A Work In Progress..

To Belong…Finally!!!

Today as in June 17th, 2016 is my 30 Yr US Anniversary and 7 yr anniversary of becoming an American Citizen.  I am sharing with you a little piece I wrote back then on the emotions that I was feeling!!! (Sorry it's a little long..) So we received our citizenship interview letter this weekend and it … Continue reading To Belong…Finally!!!