Walking The Halls – Fill Your Jar Of Life With Love And Memories

On the eve of the 2nd Father's day without my Papa as I so lovingly called my dad, I decided to post my personal, raw emotions filled with grief and sweet memories of him. I am hoping you can walk away with a few lessons from my regrets and experiences and create your road map … Continue reading Walking The Halls – Fill Your Jar Of Life With Love And Memories

For The Love Of Writing..

When You're Done Expecting So, several months ago, I came in contact with a Best Selling author Parul Aggarwal. She has published several books and her new venture was going to be a book of stories from 100 moms and their experiences of motherhood. I have always wanted to write and I thought what better … Continue reading For The Love Of Writing..

Mother’s Day Poem Contest…

********Winner Rhea C. was announced Today May 9th- Congrats!!! Keep the good work (Poem - Moonlight Rose is  at the end of the blog)*************** Mothers..they love us unconditionally, they teach us to believe in ourselves.  They remind us that they are a safe base  and no matter what, we can always come back to that.  … Continue reading Mother’s Day Poem Contest…

What Moves You?

I have been MIA on my blog for a few months now...Boat loads of thoughts & ideas, but always a challenge on how to express them! But today I started the day off with receiving an email from a friend that really moved and engulfed me with so many thoughts and emotions.  This amazing friend of mine … Continue reading What Moves You?