Twitter Traumas: What If You Tweet and No One Listens?

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Hey Friends…Here is an old post that was published on Lassi with Lavina in 2011.- Twitter Traumas: What If You Tweet and No One Listens?

I just remembered this post last night when I was listening to the Stephen Colbert interview with Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative.  He asked Bill Clinton if he tweeted and Bill Clinton’s response was “I think I’m so, sort of insecure.  What if I tweet and nobody tweets back?  There’s nothing worse than a friendless tweeter”,

I guess the former President and I are on the same page – Yes.. Two years Later in 2013….I am still friendless on Twitter.  But I have a feeling he won’t be friendless for long will you @PrezBillyJeff 🙂 As of this post he has 144,571 followers and I have.. hmm….Okay never mind!

I am okay being friendless in the twitter world..I hardly even visit it… Just as I was posting this I thought, Let me check in and see whats going on..Guess what? I even got an email from Twitter saying ” It’s been a while since we last saw you…Take 2 minutes to make twitter work better for you. We have one suggestion..FOLLOW more people” 

Hope you enjoy the post and would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you so much Lavina for the wonderful opportunity! Truly truly appreciate it!  Do check out her blog- lots and lots of fun and interesting info.:


Twitter Traumas: What If You Tweet and No One Listens?

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Twitter and social media are hot trends but what if your tweeps get no tweeple? Ruchi Kalra asks on Lassi with Lavina.

What if you tweet and no one follows?

Tweet..Tweet..Tweet…Anybody there?

So I am relatively new to this 140 characters world. Been there for a bit but just can’t figure out what to tweet about. Maybe it’s because the land of  Twitter is a little confusing, they even have a twittonary. I have been more of a Facebook person then a tweep. Though I have to agree, it’s not as invasive as Facebook as you are not really sending them a FRIEND request. In the Land of Twitter you can silently stalk someone and make believe that all these celebs are your friends by tweeting to them. I have met a lot of fashion bloggers who want to have nothing to do with FB but are attwicted (you guessed it…addicted to Twitter in Twitter lingo).

I don’t have too many followers on Twitter, and why would they  follow because in Tweetland I am boring and unreliable. And how do I know this…because when I do tweet, no one really hears me or should I say responds. It’s like I am standing in the middle of the street screaming and shouting but no one looks out of their window, unless I of course throw a rock at their window..oh I meant to say tweet to them directly.

nd social media are hot trends but what if your tweeps get no tweeple? Ruchi Kalra asks on Lassi with Lavina.

A tweeter’s Nightmare – No way to tweet!

Twitter: Life in 140 characters – or less!

When I do find something fun to tweet about, I spend 5 minutes trying to get rid of the negative character count .. aaah … how frustrating!! Do you know how hard it is get interesting thoughts across in less than 140 characters? Imagine if Twitter existed in the Elizabethan era!  I think I need to enroll in a “Twitter Short Form Writing” class right after I get done with “What Do I Tweet About?”

So the other day I got a couple of email notifications on new follows…I was all excited to see who it was. Imagine my surprise when I saw the first one was the Golden Gate Bridge…hmm! Not sure why the longest suspension bridge in the world weighing 60,000 tons would be interested in me…Oh well!! Let’s move on to the next one. Fireman’s Brew out of LA!! I don’t live in LA and for that matter do I even drink beer? Maybe it’s a hint…

So I think you get the gist…I have to get a little more interesting in the land of Tweets or my next follow is gonna be the Burj Khalifa…any suggestions Tweeples before I become tweepless?

Looking forward to your tweets @ruchigkalra (yes..My twitter name has changed from @rgkdzines and I hope I don’t confuse all my twitter fans):) 

Ruchi Kalra writes about friends on Facebook in her guest blog on Lassi with Lavina

Ruchi Kalra

So honored to have a blog published on the awesome site Lassi With Lavina. LAVINA MELWANI is a New York based writer who has lived in India, Africa and Hong Kong. She has written for an eclectic bunch of publications including India Today, Worth, Newsday, Asia Inc., Hong Kong Standard, The Hindustan Times, Bride’s, Art and Antiques, The Week, Beliefnet, Winds – the Japan Airlines in-flight magazine, Gafencu, the Shanghai-based lifestyle magazine, AM New York, Hinduism Today, Tehelka and The Indian Express to name a few.  The article was initially published on May 9th, 2011 on  Lassi with Lavina website 


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Dimple Shah
Dimple Shah
10 years ago

Well written, as always Ruch. Exploits your natural talents. Paint, write, decorate and creat.