Mango Sticky Rice – Thai

I love to make this easy dessert Thai summer dessert when mangoes(make sure to read the fun fact about this later in the post) are in season. The taste of mangoes/coconut and rice is truly delectable and you will not be disappointed! I used Sushi Rice for mine and it came out just perfect. But … Continue reading Mango Sticky Rice – Thai

Love Me Some Trifle

Trifle is an English dessert that dates back to the 1590's. It’s a multi-layered dessert with vanilla cake soaked in sweet sherry/brandy( optional), fruit, custard, jelly, and cream. Usually, it is served in glass dishes so you can see the layers of cake, custard, and jelly. I have loved trifle for as long as I … Continue reading Love Me Some Trifle

Mango Coconut Tapioca Pudding – Thai

Absolutely no passport required for this delectable trip to πšƒπš‘πšŠπš’πš•πšŠπš—πš with Mango Tapioca Pudding. With the lockdown on travel, isn’t it great that we can still travel through our taste buds? Mango is known as the King Of Fruits. You have it give a try when they are in season and can also do variations … Continue reading Mango Coconut Tapioca Pudding – Thai