Easy Spicy Thai Noodle Soup

One of the easiest Spicy Noodle soup recipe. It's packed with fresh, bold, and fragrant flavors. It is the perfect blend of coconut, Trader Joe's red curry sauce, spices, and rice noodles. It is a perfect comforting and filling quick soup on a cold day. It's very similar to the Khow Suey, which is a … Continue reading Easy Spicy Thai Noodle Soup

Let’s Sip – Simple Hot & Sour Soup

Who doesn't love soup? Most people associate soup with a cold chilly day to warm you up. But did you know that some cultures love to have soup in the middle of summer as that brings down your body temperature and actually cools you more than an ice cream cone? Don't believe me? Try it … Continue reading Let’s Sip – Simple Hot & Sour Soup

Asam Laksa – Malaysian Soup

Asam Laksa soup is a spicy flavorful Malaysian red-curry soup. It's a tangy curry broth with rice noodles and a bunch of garnishes that add the right amount of crunch. The word laksa comes from an ancient Persian word for "noodles". Asam in Malay is for anything sour. It comes from the state of Penang in Malaysia … Continue reading Asam Laksa – Malaysian Soup