Fusion Me A Tapioca Mango Falooda

This is a blend between Thai coconut pudding and Indian dessert Falooda. Falooda is a very popular refreshing chilled dessert that uses a syrup called Rooh Afza. The syrup uses main two ingredients - rose water and Kewra water. Kewra water is a popular fragrant food flavoring made from pandanus flowers and very popular in … Continue reading Fusion Me A Tapioca Mango Falooda

Chaat Me Some Baked Spiced Kale Chips

Do these chips even need an intro? They are so delicious and healthy and honestly a favorite in our house. I used Indian spices but honestly, you can use seasonings as per your tastes from Fajita, curry powder to Chinese 5 spice.. the choices are limitless. Kale chips are 85% water and the goal is … Continue reading Chaat Me Some Baked Spiced Kale Chips

Makki Roti (Corn Indian Bread)

These Indian corn roti’s or tortillas are famous in Punjabi households and go very well with Sarson ka saag ( spinach), baingan bharta ( eggplant) Curries. They are traditionally made with corn flour (not the white powdery kind) but more like corn meal. Growing up in Zambia (Africa) corn is called Maize and flour is … Continue reading Makki Roti (Corn Indian Bread)